Do not attempt to replicate anything seen on this website, without proper safety equipment, training, or without supervision from experts!

Welcome to the Desire for Fire, Fire Twirling community homepage. 

Desire for Fire is a not for profit fire twirling community of fire twirlers who are devoted to our art, all our FAQs have been written and submitted by fire twirlers abroad. Our goal is to build Desire for Fire into a large open source informational community which is available to all fire twirlers across the globe. If you find our FAQs helpful please consider helping Desire for Fire’s cause by writing an article in our forum page, sending one to us via the “Submit article page” or simply hitting that like button.
If you’ve come here looking for the Kempsey, Forster or Newcastle, Desire for Fire Troupes see the “events Tab”

Remember: You're playing with fire! All fire-twirling is dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone who is not prepared to get burnt, bashed and smelly!


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